Cat CareIntroduction
Sometime back, CBD oil for dogs and other pets was introduced to the public with the aim of providing the ultimate solution to major illnesses and health conditions that affect our pets. CBD hemp oil for pets is generated from hemp oil and it is thus believed to contain zero percentage THC. For pets mainly, cats and dogs, hemp oil is of numerous healthy benefits. When it comes to dosing CBD hemp oil to our pets, veterinarians advise to be keen to ensure we do more good than harm. Things like body weight as well as the size of the pet largely determine the amount of oil to be used on them. It is important to make sure you do not give your pet more than it can take. Therefore, owners should start small on the dosage and gradually rise up to the optimal dosage.  

Enquiries on CBD for dogs are the most common; mainly maybe due to the fact that they are more kept by most people as compared to other pets like cats. Administering the correct dosage ensures that your pet reaps maximum benefits from the CBD oil such as being in a position to keep heart conditions at bay, curing headaches and stresses that attack the pets for diverse reasons. In the cases where your pet is already under other forms of medications, it is wise to seek advice from the veterinarian before using CBD hemp oil as an alternative.  

Pet CBD dosing guide

A top veterinarian Dr. Robert Silver recommended a tiered system for CBD dosage in pets. The dosing guide is entirely dependent on the pet’s size. According to the doctor however, every new treatment should start with the first tier regardless of the size of the pet. The overall range of dosage is 0.05 mg per lb taken twice daily to 0.25 mg per lb twice daily. Tier 1 includes an intake of 0.05 mg per lb of the pet’s body weight and it is the lowest end. In the second tier, tier 2, pets take 0.125 mg per lb of their total body weight. It is the middle ground of the dosage guide. Lastly, tier 3 includes a dosage of 0.25 mg per lb of the pet’s body weight. 

By the mere look at the numbers, the dosages are very small. However, pet owners should avoid misinterpreting the dosage but instead follow the dosages as presented. On administration of tier 1 dosage, pet parents are advised to observe the behavior of their pets for almost one week and then proceed to tier 2 only if it is necessary. In tire 2, administer the hemp oil twice daily and also observe for a week for any changes. Again, if it is necessary, you can advance higher to tier 3 with administration of the oil twice daily. This is the strongest dosage and failure of any observable changes. Or improvements in the condition of your pet should call for immediate further attention.  

A simplified dosage guide 


Pet weight  Dosage 
Up to 25lbs (an equivalent of 11kg)  Up to 1.25 mg, 2 times daily 
Between 25-50lb (an equivalent of 11-23kg)  1.25-2.5 mg, 2 times daily 
Between 50-70lbs (an equivalent of 23-34kg)  2.5-3.75 mg, 2 times daily 
Over 75lbs (an equivalent of over 34kg)  3.75 mg or more, 2 times daily 


Still, more emphasis is placed on pet owners that they should always consult with a vet before starting and form of CBD treatment on their pets. Sometimes, you may have doubts regarding the different CBD products and that is when the pet doctors come in. a single drop of any of the CBD brands could react differently to different pets. There are always instructions that come with the dose package.  

You should always carefully read the instructions so as to have knowledge of the benefits, side effects if any as well and know the correct measurement of CBD hemp oil to give to your pet. If, for instance, you applied tier 2 dosage and achieved positive results, it is allowed to lower the dosage next time to save on such aspects as the extra money. Most companies offer hemp oil products mainly for dogs and cats but very little or none in some places is available and specifically dedicated to other pets such as donkeys and reptiles. This has been due to the limited available research on CBD hemp oil dosage on these particular animals.  

Cat Care Basic dosing rules for all pets

It is important to note that each dosage is administered for a particular reason. Regular dosages are given to pets daily for the sole purpose of wellness and the general health of the pet. They are also administered to boost their immune system. In the old age, to cure minor skin conditions, stimulate appetite or for minor aches. Strong doses on the other hand are offered to pets for chronic and severe infections such as arthritis, epileptic seizures or even cancer related symptoms. Lastly, dosing frequency helps the pet parent to keep the pain or inflammations on check. Hemp oil can be given to the pet say 30 minutes before you set out on a journey. Or in an expected event of fireworks of thunderstorm.