contactless paymentsThe world is becoming more digitalized every day, and there is no reason why Cannabis industry operations shouldn’t be digitalized. And AeroPay is a leader in this thinking. The global pandemic has ensured that businesses and agencies encourage and embrace contactless payments and operations.

And most CBD users prefer this method of CBD transactions and the many disadvantages that come with it. With the industry rapidly changing; as new “players” enter the CBD market, hand and cash transactions will prove to be a largely inefficient and incapable means of CBD payment processing.

Aeropay and payments solution

Even with the farm bill of 2018 which fully gives CBD its legal backing in many states across the country. Cannabis products are still labeled as ‘high-risk’ by most financial agencies and commercial banks. This has made transactions difficult between cannabis businesses, customers, and financial institutions.

However, in July of this year, Aeropay, a fin-tech company for numerous businesses, retail and non-profit organizations launched its cannabis digital payment processor. Cannabis business transactions can now be done digitally, securely, and importantly ‘freely’; without stigmatization on such transactions.

How Aeropay’s new digital payment processor can help your CBD business

This payment processor from Aeropay will phase out the old and untrusted method of cash transactions for CBD payments. With the world trying to build after the debilitating effects of the Corona Virus pandemic, this digital method of payment could not have come at a more appropriate time.

No need for a new database or technology, the good thing about the Aeropay payment processor is that; it can easily be integrated into your current financial and payment set up. The incoming transactions can be merged with previous transactions to ensure continuity in the workflow.

cbd payment processorAeropay payment processor accepts all ‘electronic swipe’ cards
You can feel convenient about paying with your credit and debit cards when using this payment processor. according to an online poll, about 60% of people preferred paying with their credit cards.



Helps you to scale your business better

Constant software upgrades and technology in the payment systems will be just the perfect tool you need to take your business to the next level. Your online stores will be able to take in more orders, and payments will be settled at electric speed.

Safe, secure and transparent
You can easily keep track of financial records and orders that come into your business. This can be a good way of preventing discrepancies and tracking your incomes digitally.

cbd payment processorBuilds better online presence and Brand

Using digital payment processors is one of the cost-effective methods of building up your brand and reaching a wider audience. The professionalism displayed by Aeropay in making its payment processor secure and convenient for contactless transactions will only endear your customers to you.

With CBD products still on the “gray areas” of most financial institutions (many commercial banks inclusive) books, CBD marketers and vendors especially e-commerce stores will need to adopt digital payment processors like Aeropay to replace “contact transactions”.