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Bat manure: What is it and also exactly how is it utilized in marijuana growing?

November 12, 2021
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If you are growing or preparing to grow marijuana plants, you might intend to think about making use of plant foods to enhance their development, although there is a fantastic selection and also various kinds of plant foods, at FlorProhibida we intend to offer a few of one of the most suggested “bat manure ”.

In the complying with write-up we are mosting likely to give you with all the details concerning this registration …

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    What is bat manure?

    Manure is a environmentally friendly bat droppings, which has actually built up in huge amounts deep within the caverns.

    Manure ended up being preferred amongst marijuana farmers as it is thought about a risk-free plant food, and also with a big quantity of nutrients, which aid the healthy and balanced development of plants.

    Is bat manure great for marijuana plants?

    The marijuana plants They require a great quantity of nutrients to make it through, which is why bat manure matches them particularly well, given that it provides a high phosphorus material, optimal to advertise the growth of huge buds covered with thick white pistils that wind up spreading out with all the branches of the plant.

    What macronutrients do we discover in bat manure?

    Macronutrients are incredibly important in each development stage of our marijuana plantsAlthough each phase will certainly need various parts, in bat manure we will certainly discover the complying with macronutrients:

    • Suit: This component advertises healthy and balanced origin development and also material manufacturing, it is important for photosynthesis, it is optimal in the blooming phase.
    • Nitrogen: with this component existing we make sure a healthy and balanced ripening in the air and also in blooming leaves, optimal throughout the vegetative phase.
    • Potassium: this component is a fantastic support versus microorganisms and also mold and mildew, it is really advantageous given that it likewise advertises the durable development of the stems, it likewise plays an essential function in making use of air and also light.

    Along with its macronutrients, bat manure includes NPK of natural beginning. This is understood to be service provider of a fantastic mini plants made up of fungis, actinomycete and also advantageous microorganisms for the growth of the plant and also particularly for the regrowth of the dirt and also its organic equilibrium.

    What is likewise understood is that it has a nematicidal activity which strikes the key phases of nematode growth and also decreases the level of problem. Along with boosting the cation exchange of the dirt, boosting the schedule of the nutrients that the plants require.

    What trace elements do we discover in bat manure?

    Unlike macronutrients, trace elements will certainly be utilized in much less amount yet are incredibly important, as they make sure energetic development and also a healthy and balanced plant.

    • Calcium: It assists us maintain the cell framework of the plant, assisting in photosynthesis and also the absorption of various other nutrients.
    • Boron: Add to the growth of the cell wall surface, fruits and also seeds, along with aiding us in the absorption of calcium.
    • Iron and also manganese: These 2 aspects promote the manufacturing of chlorophyll.
    • Sulfur and also Zinc: They aid the manufacturing of healthy proteins and also enzymes.
    • Magnesium: It is the trick for a great absorption of light and also solar power of the plant.

    Just How and also when is bat manure used?

    The bat manure We can use it in different methods plants, given that we can discover it in fluid, granule or powder type. It can be blended straight right into the ground or take into the base by excavating. To distinguish it, below are 3 methods to utilize it:

    • We can placed in the ground, utilizing it as a shallow dirt modification or transforming it right into a “tea” to deeply nurture the origins.
    • We can utilize as a fungicide and also use it with the fallen leaves, on the plants, as it likewise functions as bug control.
    • It can sign up with the ground, excavating the denser base a little bit, aiding to raise water retention.


    If they asked us which bat manure is the very best, no question given that Not allowed blossom We advise the complying with items:

    GuanFerty: It is just one of the very best Manures that you can discover out there, given that unlike the majority of its rivals that remove manure on balconies, GuanFerty essences guano straight from caverns.

    It is thought about the very best all-natural plant food worldwide.

    It can be utilized securely in both interior and also outside plants, both in the development stage and also in the blooming stage, as it includes a high material of macro and also trace elements.


    • It is totally devoid of dangerous smells and also microorganisms.
    • Gives advantageous microorganisms and also fungis.
    • It functions as a fungicide and also a nematicide.
    • Increases the pre-flowering and also flowering stages.

    Exactly how to utilize: mix 3-5 gr of GuanFerty per litre of substratum, make a 2nd application 15 days prior to blooming.

    BadSpecial: We are speaking about a top quality substratum, perfect for farmers that look for to raise the high quality and also amount of their plants, given that it offers the plants with the essential nutrients for development and also blooming.


    • Aids water retention and also oygenation of origins.
    • It is completely natural and also just includes all-natural nutrients for marijuana plants.
    • Enhances origin growth and also bud framework.
    • Devoid of dangerous compounds for plants and also hefty or poisonous steels.

    Bat mix: It includes a number of kinds of fiber, offers agility and also really high degrees of oxygen in the substratum, is abundant in phosphorus and also potassium, which will certainly assure you a charitable blooming.


    • Enhances preference and also odor.
    • Boosts and also speeds up the blooming phase.
    • Boosts the resistance of the plant.

    Guanokalong: Unlike GuanFerty, this manure is primarily accumulated in the city. Regardless of this, it is an ideal plant food for blooming, in addition to aiding us to boost the framework of the dirt.


    • Rich in nutrients.
    • Enhances the framework of the dirt by triggering microbes.
    • Gives nutrients to the plant boosting plant metabolic rate.
    • Boosts germination and also vitality of the plant.
    • Aids equilibrium dirt pH.
    • Battle fungis in foliar therapies.

    We really hope that the write-up handled to aid you resolve any kind of uncertainties that might emerge concerning making use of bat manure in your marijuana plants, Send us your remarks. Do not fail to remember to enter our on the internet shop to understand all our items!