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CBD Marketing Strategies


Every business that is booming is built on sound marketing strategies. The CBD (Cannabidiol) oil industry is no different. CBD marketing strategies are not vastly different from the marketing strategies of any other health product, but they come with their specific hurdles and traps to navigate. You may encounter a few problems while trying to

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How Much CBD Oil Should I Vape? 


How Much CBD Oil Should I Vape? The debate around health benefits of CBD oil is endless. While there are no scientific facts or proof to the functionality of CBD oil, it is said to have health benefits. The health tag attributes to its increasing popularity across the world. For a long time, use of the cannabis plant

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CBD for Pets: Dosing Guide


Introduction Sometime back, CBD oil for dogs and other pets was introduced to the public with the aim of providing the ultimate solution to major illnesses and health conditions that affect our pets. CBD hemp oil for pets is generated from hemp oil and it is thus believed to contain zero percentage THC. For pets mainly, cats and dogs, hemp oil is of numerous healthy benefits. When it

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CBD Oil Prices


CBD Oil Prices: If we’re out shopping for our daily needs and groceries we all know how to find the products and then compare costs. We have a look at the price tag and then compare it with the weight of the product that is offered. In many cases it is already broken down for

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What Is Full Spectrum CBD?


CBD industry continues to grow at an exponential rate as more and more people start to recognize its potential. According to reports, the global valuation of cannabidiol will exceed $89 billion by 2026. There are a number of different types of CBD hemp products available on the market, including full-spectrum CBD, CBD vape juice and

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What the experts say about investing in CBD


There is little question that cannabidiol or CBD products have taken off since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. It’s little wonder that investing in CBD has risen to new heights. As a new market, the opportunities are considerable. For many CBD edibles, oils, CBD vape oils, and other products offer real profit-making potential.

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AeroPay Introduces a Cannabis Digital Payment Solution


The world is becoming more digitalized every day, and there is no reason why Cannabis industry operations shouldn’t be digitalized. And AeroPay is a leader in this thinking. The global pandemic has ensured that businesses and agencies encourage and embrace contactless payments and operations. And most CBD users prefer this method of CBD transactions and

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Best Edibles in Colorado


When it comes to US states, Colorado comes at the top of the list when it comes to CBD edibles. Not only were they the first one to legalize such products, Colorado edibles have a unique, peculiar and diverse nature that makes it the number one state for CBD consumption. What makes an edible best?

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The Health Risks of cbd vape pens


The era of cannabis infusion is setting in. Although regulations are still unclear, it is for sure that both state and federal laws are loosening around cannabis production, distribution, and usage. For its rich history and a wide spectrum of benefits, this power plant is now emerging in a variety of forms. One of its

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The Dangers of CBD Vape Pens


As time goes on, we're seeing an increase in popularity for countless different products, brands, and various other areas people seem to love. Like anything else, popularity is the key to success in any field. Even CBD vape pens. Whether or not the field is dangerous, people won't care all that much as long as

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