CBD Marketing Strategies


Every business that is booming is built on sound marketing strategies. The CBD (Cannabidiol) oil industry is no different. CBD marketing strategies are not vastly different from the marketing strategies of any other health product, but they come with their specific hurdles and traps to navigate. You may encounter a few problems while trying to

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The Dangers of CBD Vape Pens


As time goes on, we're seeing an increase in popularity for countless different products, brands, and various other areas people seem to love. Like anything else, popularity is the key to success in any field. Even CBD vape pens. Whether or not the field is dangerous, people won't care all that much as long as

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CBD for Golf: What can it do for your Golf Game?


Golf is a beautiful sport. While it is great to play, no one can argue the fact that it often results in aches and pain. What if there was a natural aid to this problem outside of the standard prescribed medications or over the counter medicine? Well, there is a natural solution – Cannabidiol (CBD).

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Medical Marijuana Reform Passed In New Jersey


Recently on 2nd June 2019, Gov. Phil Murphy Passed A20 that is also named as Jake’s Law. Note that, this law got its name behind Jake Honig, who initiated a tough battle against cancer by using medical marijuana. The new bill amended many conditions in the existing laws; the list also includes chronic pain condition

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How long do CBD edibles stay in your system


Before letting you how long CBD edibles stay in your system, let us discuss quickly how CBD edibles affect the body in the first place. CBD is Cannabidiol which is extracted from the Cannabis plants. Yes, these are the same plants from which Marijuana or Hash is extracted. However, whether or not Cannabis creates a

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CBD edibles vs CBD tinctures


CBD edibles vs CBD tinctures: CBD or Cannabidiol is immensely popular these days as the initial prejudice against it has been removed by the producers of CBD items and medical persons alike.CBD is extracted from the same Cannabis plants that are used in making of drugs such as Hash or Marijuana. Naturally, people were skeptical

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CBD edibles vs THC edibles


  The basic difference between CBD edibles and THC edibles is basically the former does not induce intoxication and the latter does. CBD or as it is scientifically called Cannabidiol, is extracted from Cannabis plants from which THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is also extracted. Marijuana for example has high level of THC which is taken by

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