CBD MarketingCBD Sales: CBD has been a hot button topic for the past decade or so due to it’s ability to help some people overcome a variety of conditions in a way that is more natural and at times more effective than prescription drugs. CBD does come from the marijuana plant, but unlike marijuana itself, CBD is available totally legally in all states and also doesn’t offer the high that marijuana containing the compound THC does. Thus, you can get quality treatment from a marijuana product totally legally and avoid the questionable morals behind many pharmaceutical drug companies.

CBD can be a replacement for drugs that otherwise might have concerning side effects or addictive qualities. With the CBD boom and with all that it has to offer, now is a better time than ever to get involved in CBD sales. Furthermore, the market for CBD and cannabinoid products only seems to be increasing as more states are legalizing traditional THC containing marijuana and more people are learning about the dangerous side effects of many prescription drugs.

Fortunately for those looking to take advantage of CBD sales and get involved, there are many CBD marketing gurus to explore. We’ll cover a few of these marketing gurus throughout the article, but know that the list goes on and on, since CBD is such a trending topic and seems to be a product that is here to stay and has room for growth.

What is CBD?

CBD MarketingIf you’re reading about CBD sales, it’s possible that you’re already selling CBD products and are looking for a boost from some incredible consultants who have helped many other CBD sellers. If that’s the case and you’re already informed on what CBD is, feel free to skip ahead to the list of credible CBD marketers. However, it’s also possible that you’re new to the CBD marketplace and are maybe looking to start selling CBD products. If that’s the case, you first have to know what the product is that you’re selling so that you can offer your future customers the best possible service. So, what is CBD? CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is one of many compounds contained within the marijuana plant. It has no psychoactive attributes and thus won’t get you high. CBD comes in many forms including oils, vapes, edibles, topicals, and more. This is great because there is usually a form of CBD that anyone is comfortable consuming. As the general public comes around to the idea that there are useful parts of the marijuana plant with proven medical results, the potential for CBD sales and uses increases each day.


The many benefits of CBD:

CBD MarketingCBD offers many benefits, and all of the benefits listed here are proven through scientific research and studies. First, CBD is known to help ease pain. This is extremely important because it serves as a viable alternative for many of the pain pills that can lead to addiction. CBD can also help lessen the effect of anxiety and depression. Many prescription antidepressants, similar to pain pills, have negative side effects that CBD doesn’t have. CBD has found to ease symptoms caused by cancer. Many cancer patients have turned to CBD to combat symptoms such as nausea and pain. It can be good for your skin as well. Since CBD has anti-inflammatory qualities, it helps to lessen the impact of acne on many individuals. It can also help neurological conditions such as epilepsy and Parkinson’s. As you can see, there’s a wide variety of people who can find a good reason to start taking CBD products and improving their quality of life. Even more potential benefits are still under scientific review.


CBD marketing agencies and consultants you can trust:
And lastly, the part you’ve all been waiting for, who can help you sell CBD and move product faster than ever before? Here’s a list of some CBD marketing gurus who can help you take your CBD business to the next level, or even help you get it started.


1. Jesse Grillo
Jesse Grillo is a consultant with a long history of experience across many fields of business. He’s a multi-faceted consultant that offers services containing everything computer programming to copywriting to Google Adwords and more. Jesse is a great go-to consultant if you’re looking for someone who understands the modern ways of business and has had success helping countless other clients take their businesses to the next level. Just like you need someone who understands CBD, you even more importantly need someone who understands the market for CBD, and Jesse Grillo offers just that.


2. Boundless Labs
Boundless Labs is a new but credible CBD marketing agency that has worked their way up from the ground floor of CBD marketing quickly. Founded in 2019, they’ve already been featured in many major publications such as Esquire, CNBC, and more. They can help you with a variety of complicated tasks such as social media and online advertising, search engine optimization, affiliate and influencer marketing, email lists, and more. If you have a CBD marketing task, you can bet that Boundless Labs has a team that can assist you in your needs. They’ve managed to build a great team of consultants in a short amount of time.
cannabis oil


3. ColaDigital
ColaDigital is another great CBD marketing agency that has a method to their incredible sales tactics. The way that they help their clients stems from the marketing principle called the Rule of Seven, which states that a potential customer needs to hear your company’s advertisement at minimum seven times before they’ll consider purchasing from you. They use this principle to find ways to reach new customers in unique ways and get your message out to each person at least seven times. From ColaDigital you can be sure that they’ll find ways to not only reach new prospective customers, but they’ll find ways to reach those customers multiple times, increasing your conversion.


cannabis Marketing4. Sherpa
Sherpa is a marketing firm that has reached a multitude of CBD clients and has helped them all massively. Consider taking a look at their impressive portfolio on their website and your confidence in them will rise when seeing their incredible track record. Sherpa specializes in web design and search engine optimization and they’ve helped many CBD sellers create fascinating and intuitive websites and then subsequently help draw traffic to these websites through SEO. If you’re looking to build a great website for your CBD business, you can be sure that Sherpa has a design in mind that fits you and your customers.


5. Forge Digital Marketing
Forge offers the list of traditional services that many marketing consultants offer, but with Forge you’ll notice that they have an incredible understanding of what it takes to get a customer to trust your product. They specialize in CBD marketing and they know that CBD is a new concept that many people are wary of, given its ties to marijuana. And they know how to gain new customers’ trust in the potential and value of CBD products through trustworthy branding and testimonials through influencer marketing. In addition to these services they also provide web design, SEO, affiliate marketing, and more. If you feel that trust is what you need most from your prospective customer base, Forge might be the right choice for you.


6. CBD & Hemp Marketing Agency
This great consultant team is a subsidiary of Spotlight Group Agency, a reputable team of women who are up to date on the most popular trends and reputable science in the fields of health and beauty and even pets. That’s right, another potential customer base is everyone’s four-legged fur balls. Just like humans, many pets suffer from the same issues as us: psychological conditions, pain, etc. If you want a team that is comprised of some of the brightest women in CBD marketing and a team that can find creative ways to market CBD, then this agency fits the bill.


In this article we’ve covered six of the most popular CBD marketing consultants, but if we wanted, we could write a novel on how many new and creative agencies and firms there are for you to utilize. These teams have a wealth of information that can help you to level up your business big time. CBD is still a relatively new form of medication and supplementation and there is research being done on it each day in every capacity, its uses, its consumers, its trends, and more. These great teams will help you build a brand that is well known and trusted by many. Since the world of marijuana is changing daily, there are still land grab opportunities in the CBD markets, don’t let those golden opportunities slip through your fingers by pridefully assuming that you can do it all your own. Let the experts do what they do best.