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Cutting Marijuana: Damp Or Dry?

August 3, 2022

Lastly your plants are completely expanded and also it’s time to begin collecting! The moment is ripe to prepare your attractive buds for intake. Is it actually required to cut your buds and also what’s the most effective method to do this? In this blog site we’ll inform you every little thing there is to learn about cutting your marijuana buds!

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    What Is Cutting As well as Why Would certainly You Cut Your Marijuana Buds?

    When you are cutting your buds, you are attempting to get rid of all the excess plant product, like these little sharp fallen leaves that expand from the buds. These tiny fallen leaves are called sugar leaves. Marijuana buds are covered in trichomes, which create cannabinoids and also terpenes. Sugar leaves likewise hold some trichomes, yet method much less than the buds themselves. Sugar leaves aren´t constantly noticeable and also some buds include method even more of these fallen leaves than others.

    However why would certainly you wish to eliminate them? Ultimately that’s an option you need to produce on your own. Right here are a number of factors to cut your marijuana buds:

    • Much less possibility of mould and also decaying: the extra wet and also thick the bud is, the larger the possibility that molded and also decaying will certainly take control of. That’s why it’s extremely crucial to dry your marijuana, yet you can accelerate the drying out procedure when you have actually currently gotten rid of the sugar leaves from the buds.
    • Much better look: cut buds look much better. In every high-end store you will just see completely manicured buds. Lots of claim that well cut marijuana buds are of better. Although it boils down to preference, the look of your buds will most likely boost after cutting.
    • More powerful odor: when cutting the buds prior to keeping them in a container to heal, will certainly make sure that the odor will certainly obtain more powerful gradually.
    • Easier on the throat: leaving the sugar leaves on your buds can result in a ‘extreme’ smoking cigarettes experience. Cutting the buds makes the marijuana extra available and also less complicated on the throat when smoking it.
    • Greater focus THC: although the sugar leaves include some THC, the focus THC in these fallen leaves is way less than the buds themselves. This suggests that cutting your buds and also removing the sugar leaves will certainly leave you with weed with a reasonably greater focus THC.
    cannabis against depression
    Well-trimmed buds.

    Collecting Marijuana, Trimming & Trimming: When To Beginning?

    Harvesting is the tail end of the life process of your marijuana plant. Everything began with the germination phase, complied with by the vegetative stage and also the blooming stage and also harvesting will certainly finish the plant’s life process. It’s important you don’t obtain overenthusiastic and also begin prematurely, yet not far too late either!

    Just how can you figure out the best minute at which your weed plant prepares to collect? A cultivator can see when a plant is virtually all set to harvest, when 75% of the pistils of the blossom transformed gold brownish. One more method, in our point of view the most effective method to figure out the best harvest minute, is to take an extremely close check out the trichomes on the buds. Make use of a magnifying glass or a macro lens and also examine the trichomes out. The proportion in between clear, milklike white and also nontransparent trichomes is vital. Cigarette smoking weed that’s been gathered prematurely will most likely just offer you a little high, or possibly you won’t also observe any kind of result. On the other side, if you wait also long, a few of one of the most crucial compounds of the plant will progressively go to waste. Timing is necessary: in this blog site you can find out just how to figure out the suitable minute to begin collecting!

    What Devices Do You Required?

    Harvesting is way less complicated when you make use of the right devices. You can purchase various sort of trimming shears and also various other devices. Review this blog site for additional information. For cutting your marijuana buds, it’s ideal to deal with tiny scissors or pliers. With this sort of equipment you can get to rather within the bud, which can be extremely helpful when you’re attempting to get rid of the smaller sized sugar leaves.

    One more wonderful option is a rounded trimming shear, so you can reduce quickly around your bud. On the various other hand, tiny scissors with straight blades are typically extra specific. Regardless of which device you choose, it’s important to constantly cleanse your devices prior to you begin reducing and also cutting. Scissors can include microorganisms and also mould, which can result in a catastrophe if you begin cutting your marijuana buds and also move this moment bomb!

    Ensure to purchase some latex handwear covers. It’s the most effective method to make sure a clean and sterile cutting and also cutting atmosphere to efficiently secure your marijuana. Additionally, the handwear covers will certainly stop the material from staying with your hands.

    Suggestion: obtain a roll of cooking paper. You can utilize this as the best surface area to put down the cut buds without every little thing sticking with each other.

    When the cutting component mores than, it’s time to offer your buds a wonderful place to heal. You require to purchase some closed containers to do this. Bear in mind the antique Weck container? This is an ideal container, yet an impermeable plastic container will certainly likewise get the job done. Lastly, take a tray and also cover it with cooking paper, so you can accumulate all the excess plant product. Why? Well, why discarding these fallen leaves, when you can utilize them to make you possess scrumptious hash or edibles?!

    Trimming Marijuana: Dry Or Damp Cutting?

    Prior to you begin collecting, you need to prepare your plant. There’s no such point as a ‘gold technique’ to do this, it boils down to individual choice.

    Besides, your utmost objective is to wind up with simply the buds, so you can begin cutting. There are 2 means to cut: completely dry and also damp. Choice time!

    After you’ve gathered, a cultivator can pick to dry out the buds initially and also ‘completely dry trim’ them, or ‘damp trim’ the nugs quickly after collecting and also allow them completely dry later on. As constantly, both means have advantages and disadvantages.

    Damp Cutting

    Damp cutting behaves and also energised: you’ve been an active throughout harvest, so why not begin cutting in one go prior to hanging the plant to dry out? One more pro is that you can keep extra buds in the very same drying out area. Some cultivators also assume challenging locations are less complicated to get to when damp cutting, although others seriously differ – plainly an issue of preference. All the same, mould has much less possibility of contaminating the buds when you cut prior to drying out, since the bud is way much less thick which permits wetness to vaporize quicker. The utmost drawback of damp cutting is the material: the plant is still extremely damp and also the material is terribly sticky and also gooey.

    Dry Cutting

    Dry cutting has various other advantages and disadvantages. Cutting the buds after drying out offers mould a far better possibility. Due to the fact that the buds are so thick, they can obtain molded also prior to you can get going to clip. Likewise the drying out procedure takes even more time. This isn’t simply an adverse point, lots of cultivators assume it is a benefit: you’ll wind up with additional small ‘nugs’.

    It’s likewise stated that the preference of a stress is much better when the buds completely dry extra carefully and also equally. Having stated this, every one of this doesn’t actually matter when mould has actually taken a grasp on your weed, so once more it boils down to individual choice and also option. It substantially depends upon the top quality of your drying out location. One point that can assist with exterior expands: see to it you maintain your plants completely dry in the pair of days prior to harvest.

    Damp Trimming Marijuana Buds: Trim First, After That Dry

    Damp cutting ways that you begin cutting your buds right after you´ve gathered them. It´s called ‘damp’, since the plant isn’t completely dry yet. This likewise suggests the cutting is an extremely task to do and also the sugar leaves will certainly stay with your hands.

    Beginning harvesting: you can leave the plant in the pot or in the ground. Eliminate all the larger fallen leaves. Afterwards, begin removing the smaller sized leaves that expand around the buds. In this manner, you will certainly wind up with a ‘bare’ plant, which just holds your valuable nugs. One more method to take on the plant is to remove branches individually. Or you can reduce the plant down quickly, lay it down and after that begin removing the branches.


    Harvest your buds. Do not hesitate to leave the buds on the branches, if you assume that makes it less complicated to hold them while cutting. Take a pail or container and also carefully placed all the branches with buds. Ensure the container is tidy!

    sugar leaves
    Never ever throw out your sugar leaves!


    Gather all your devices, placed on some wonderful songs or ask a few of your close friends to assist you out! Clean and also completely dry your hands meticulously. Putting on a set of latex handwear covers is not an unneeded high-end, to secure your hand from the sticky material. Besides shielding on your own, the handwear covers likewise secure your buds by avoiding contamination.

    Reducing & Cutting

    Take your scissors and also carefully reduced all the sticking out sugar leaves. A few of them will certainly be concealing a little bit more inwards right into the bud. Attempt to remove as lots of fallen leaves as feasible, without harming your nugs. It’s difficult to get rid of all the sugar leaves, yet that’s no worry.

    Dry & Remedy

    Your well-trimmed buds require to completely dry and also treatment prior to you can smoke them. Place the branches with buds in a drying out shelf, ideally in a warmed space with a ventilator. If you don’t have a drying out shelf, you can hang the branches with the buds inverted. When dried out, you can reduce the nugs of the branches and also placed them in an impermeable container to heal.

    cannabis drogen meer smaak
    Dry cutting has its advantages.

    Cutting After That: Dry Trimming Marijuana Buds

    Dry cutting ways you dry out the whole plant initially prior to you cut the buds. Reduce the plant as near to the dirt as feasible. Hang it inverted in a warmed location with a revolving follower. When the plant is completely dry you can begin clipping. Just how do you understand the plant is completely dry sufficient? Make use of the leading branches as indication: when they flex they are still also wet, when they break they are completely completely dry.


    Remove all the branches and also huge fallen leaves, so you’ll wind up with simply the branches and also buds.


    Ensure your devices are available, placed on some handwear covers and also some songs, or perhaps much better: ask some close friends to find over!

    wietzaadjes bestellen kwaliteit

    Wish To Beginning Trimming Your Own Marijuana?

    Did this blog site motivate you to begin cutting your very own set of fresh buds or dried out nugs? It’s time to begin buying the most effective marijuana seeds initially and also to begin your following expand!

    Pick your pressure & obtain splitting!