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Dinafem is back! They are currently called Quiet Seeds

April 19, 2022

For a couple of weeks currently, the Spanish marijuana globe has actually remained in good luck. The whole industry was surprised by the closure of Dinafem seeds a number of years earlier. Many individuals questioned what had actually taken place to Dinafem and also why they could not get their seeds. A brief time later on we found out that considering that September 2020 they were submersed in a judicial procedure under recap privacy. This compelled them to instantly quit their business task.

However throughout these last couple of weeks one of the most commented point is the excellent information that what was as soon as among one of the most well-known Spanish cannabis seed makers, Dinafem seeds, has actually gone back to the marketplace as Quiet Seeds.

As Well As it is that, no matter the judicial procedure in which they were submersed, in the Spanish marijuana industry there was a specific sensation of fond memories for the loss of this typical seed financial institution. Particularly because of the magnum opus of its breaders, which was shown in its substantial magazine of seeds and also hereditary crosses.

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    Dinafem’s brand-new seed financial institution is called Quiet Seeds.

    The good news is, the information that currently reaches us from Dinafem ultimately has a various shade. Quiet Seeds is the business name they have actually picked for their brand-new trip in the marijuana industry. However not whatever coincides, since several points have actually transformed. As they themselves state on their brand-new web site, have actually climbed from their ashes Like the fenix bird. As well as this has actually made them more powerful and also return with even more need to the cannabis industry.

    The Quiet Seeds seed financial institution, previously called Dinafem Seeds, has actually recouped its traditional genes that have actually provided a lot success, such as Moby Prick, Original Memory Loss or Important + 2.0. Along with consisting of a great selection of unique crosses of the most effective American genes where they currently stand apart Watermelon Runtz, Lemon Sorbet, Zkittlez 2.0 either cookielato to name a few.

    Currently in its selection of seeds we locate some distinctions. As well as the truth is that the Dinafem seeds magazine was a lot more substantial than the one Quiet Seeds currently provides. However this they perform with a distinct objective in their minds; Quality with high quality and also hereditary security. They themselves inform us their functions:

    Quiet Seeds’ goal is to supply you a remarkable trip right into the 21st century marijuana world. This plant, coming from the Cannabaceae family members, still holds several keys, regardless of its existence in our people for centuries. Additionally, the crucial study that is presently being executed reveals us to what degree it can change our lives.

    by Quiet Seeds

    upgraded logo design

    A couple of days earlier by pure opportunity I discovered the Quiet Seeds logo design on an internet site. I keep in mind really feeling a small shudder at the very same time that a mindful smile was basing on my face. From the initial minute I identified that typography, that in reverse E in the name and also also the very same seed of the logo design however turned and also shook up. It resembled a brand-new variation or an upgrade of the Dinafem logo design. As well as I need to confess that I liked it since they do not conceal, it clings their design and also brand name.

    Modification of Tax

    An additional intriguing truth regarding the distinctions in between Dinafem and also Silent Seeds is their brand-new head office. Well, from what we can reason from the lawful notification on their web site, they have actually transformed their lawful head office to the Netherlands. More than likely to be able to survive in a far more updated, indulgent and also obviously smart system with cannabis than ours.

    As Well As it is that it remains in everybody’s voice that the Spanish system, however, is secured in prehistory and also not does anything greater than swipe chances from everybody, its individuals. Since these political leaders compel cannabis individuals to live like genuine afflict sufferers, in privacy and also privacy. Cannabis remains to be outlawed right here, while in various other nations this terrific plant has actually suggested a renovation in various areas such as health and wellness, recreation and also also the nation’s wide range and also chances.
    However this is an additional subject…

    The brand-new seed magazine from Quiet Seeds

    In this brand-new endeavor from Quiet Seeds, they are banking on a directory of cannabis seeds that is a lot smaller sized than the old one from Dinafem. Where they have actually focused on introducing their hereditary collection in order to just supply thoroughly researched genes that purely satisfy their 2 objectives:

    • Optimum hereditary security
    • An extremely high account of terpenes and also cannabinoids, various from various other ranges

    For this, they have substantial technological expertise and also a great deal of experience in the marijuana industry that they use in the development of brand-new genes. Where a fantastic American impact is obvious in its brand-new and also unique crosses.

    This does not suggest that they have actually quit their well-known and also well-known genes. However they have actually just protected the most effective of the most effective, and also the most effective of the most effective (rewording the famous Ali G).

    Standard Line

    • Initial Memory Loss
    • Moby-Dick
    • Important+ 2.0
    • Important Jack
    • OG Kush
    • Important Mango
    • Memory Loss Lemon
    • White Widow

    They have actually additionally introduced by bringing brand-new seasonal feminized ranges, the outcome of going across one of the most impressive American cannabis seed ranges in the last few years.

    Unique Line

    • Watermelon Runtz
    • Zkittlez 2.0
    • Lemon Sorbet
    • LA Vanilla Cake
    • cookielato
    • Gorilla Frost
    • Starfire OG
    • grape juice

    As well as obviously autoflowering seeds can not be missing out on. Where they have actually recouped just their most innovative genes, maintaining just 4 ranges of the 19 genes that Dinafem formerly had.

    Autoflowering Line

    • Car Important+ 2.0
    • vehicle moby prick
    • Car Important Jack
    • Self LA Vanilla Cake

    A web server misses out on the Dinamed CBD + selection in its women variation as well as additionally autoflowering. For those that do not recognize it, it was a range with about 20% CBD and also regarding 1% THC. This plant was never psychedelic, however well grew it had an excellent taste and also also much better result.
    However most importantly, it was the best choice for all those that were seeking high quality cannabis without the psychedelic results of THC.

    However what has taken place to Dinafem Seeds?

    On September 15, 16 and also 17, 2020, the civil guard, along with the tax obligation firm, continued to interfere and also take apart the firm Pot Sistemak SL to which Dinafem Seeds belonged. The procedure called «INXER-TORO« started its examination in 2018 and also ended with 14 individuals apprehended and also an additional 8 checked out. Along with the enrollment of 12 addresses and also 5 commercial structures.

    In these documents, €207,000 in money, 2,100 cannabis plants of various genes, 20 million cannabis seeds in a total amount of 11 huge plants were taken. A few of these plants with pierced light, which has actually additionally brought about a criminal activity of fraudulence of the electric liquid.

    Additionally, 3 risk-free down payment boxes, 126 savings account and also 55 residential properties were stepped in and also iced up. That in between the cash, accounts and also property amounts to greater than 21 million euros.

    In journalism launch, the Civil Guard remarks that “they have actually taken care of to interfere with a Company committed to the farming, promo, preferring and also assistance of the prohibited usage of marijuana.”
    Ultimately, these participants of Dinafem have actually been billed with criminal offenses versus public health and wellness, criminal company, cash laundering and also electrical energy fraudulence.

    Below we wish to reveal our assistance for the Dinafem family members and also indirectly for all the Spanish seed financial institutions, as they remain in the very same scenario. Which their task is not to website traffic, however to create collectible cannabis seeds, absolutely lawful in Spain. What each individual performs with them is not their issue, neither ours. Like the details regarding vehicle farming. The details is global, every one chooses what to do with it. Below nobody provokes anybody.

    On various other problems such as tax obligation fraudulence or electrical power fraudulence, we cannot take your side. The regulation is (or need to be) the very same for everybody. They will certainly need to be the ones that protect themselves and also presume the repercussions of these acts.

    However simply put, we are extremely delighted to be able to depend on them and also their checklist of marijuana pressures in our magazine of feminized cannabis seeds.