Are you looking for some great ideas to hide your cannabis and other CBD products without warranting any suspicion? Having a great spot to stash all your good stuff doesn’t only conceal it from suspecting eyes but also hides away its smell from prying family members, nosy landlords and everyone else who doesn’t want to see you happy! Put your mind to work and try out these ideas to keep yourself on the safer side.

poison ring Poison Rings

Poison rings can be great for you with their jewel compartments specially when you want to be carrying your good stuff around with you. They are available in a huge range of choices and styles so you can suit yourself with them according to current fashion and your wardrobe to not look like a freak.

Outside your Home

If you’re at your parent’s or live with a landlord who is particularly nosy about drugs then your best chance is to keep your stash in the wilderness of outdoors. It will be better to keep it outside than to have yourself kicked out in the middle of something just for keeping some weed. There are so many options you can opt for outside like hiding it beneath a rock, in a carpet under the lobby, the garage shed or inside the flowerpots along the hallway.

Deodorant Stick

It’s very easy to empty a stick of deodorant and take out the stick by rolling it all the way up till the bottom of the casing is visible then cutting it all away. This can leave you enough space to fix in a whole packet or two of weed or a small bottle of any CBD tincture.

cbd tinctureHighlighter

You can hollow out a highlighter quite easily by removing the ink compartment and place a gram of some weed. Pop off the top of the highlighter and put some glue to seal off the compartment from leaking. Make sure you fix it well enough to be able to put the cap back on. Highlighters have more space than other pens because of thicker build and their plastic is ideal for storing liquids like CBD tincture etc.

Old Electronics

You probably have some old radio set lying around the house and some electronics, which can be emptied out after taking out some simple screws. Battery compartments are a great place to hide about a gram of weed. You can also look into some speakers, extensions or a surge protector to get larger storages.
cbd tincture

Coffee Can

Coffee has a more dominating aroma than the smell of cannabis so you can dip your water-proof bag of coffee right inside it. Coffee is viscous enough to not let through any sight beyond it to the bottom where you baggie of bud lies silently. All you have to do is keep the coffee tin in sight and carry it in a way that doesn’t arouse suspicion. You can do the same with other beverages and drinks like sodas, soft drinks etc.