CBD MarketingThe CBD market is growing at a rapid rate. With each passing day, more and more benefits of cannabinoids are being discovered. Recent studies have shown its therapeutic benefits for older adults and seniors. This makes CBD for seniors a viable market. Unfortunately, many CBD companies are not leveraging this section of the industry very well. The truth is, targeting this specific group of consumers can be highly beneficial for a CBD company’s growth and the best thing about it is that companies can win over seniors by simply implementing a few key strategies.

Following are some CBD marketing practices that can help cannabis brands win over seniors:

Communicate and Educate

Considering CBD is still illegal at the federal level, many senior citizens are afraid to even visit the market to buy CBD products. Others worry about the dosage and how it might affect their health. CBD companies therefore need to go out of their way to make seniors feel comfortable and they can do this by communicating and educating. Being able to educate seniors about CBD products, their benefits, dosage, etc. should be your top priority. Through this process, you will help lower their anxiety and apprehension.

Learn Their Preferences
Seniors and older adults generally have different product and consumption preferences as compared to other consumers. If they are new to CBD in general, then they are certainly going to be less attracted to the smokable products. Older consumers tend to favor topicals and ingestible products but there are many other ways to consume cannabis. CBD companies can win over seniors by learning the preferences of these consumers and then offering them products that they lean heavily towards.

CBD MarketingHire Well and Train

Since learning the preferences of your senior consumers is the key to capturing this specific market, it is highly recommended that you hire people who are conscientious to begin with and then provide them sufficient training so that they are mindful of older consumers’ needs. You want your employees to understand that seniors and older adults are often nervous about trying CBD products and then teach them how to talk to and treat those consumers in a way that puts them at ease.

Offer Discounts and Create Welcoming Environment
Offering discounts to older consumers is another great CBD marketing strategy. Apart from this, brands should also focus on creating welcoming environment to this specific group of consumers. Dispensaries should aim for an ambience that feels more like a headshop or resembles a professionally run medical clinic. Creating an area conducive to conversation – with both consumers and employees – can also go a long way. Hire the services of a marketing consultant, e.g. Jesse Grillo, if you are struggling to create an appropriate discount strategy.

Jesse GrilloSeek Brand Advocates in Physicians, Family, and Friends

Seniors generally rely on word of mouth when it comes to product messaging. So, it would be a good idea to create brand advocates that are within their circles. These include their physicians, family, and friends. These trusted sources play a pivotal role in convincing senior consumers to try CBD products for what’s ailing them. As you can see, there are a number of things CBD companies can do to attract senior consumers and capture this emerging market. Don’t forget to hire the services of a professional consultant, e.g. Jesse Grillo, to ensure CBD marketing success.