How Much CBD Oil Should I Vape

How Much CBD Oil Should I Vape? The debate around health benefits of CBD oil is endless. While there are no scientific facts or proof to the functionality of CBD oil, it is said to have health benefits. The health tag attributes to its increasing popularity across the world. For a long time, use of the cannabis plant extract has been stigmatized in society; however, more people are embracing CBD and using it in various forms.  

CBD is now available as different products in various forms. More countries are legalizing the product; the various products are in food stores, supermarkets, and restaurants. The various forms of cannabis include edibles, oils, pills, gummy bears, alcoholic drinks, and coffee. The truth is each form has specific pros and cons hence need for close and proper scrutiny. Also, it doesn’t harm to try all the forms before settling on one.  

Obviously, there are potential health benefits to using CBD irrespective of the form. Unlike THC, which is one of the two compounds in Marijuana, using CBD does not get you high. 

While suitability is based on individual preference, CBD oil vaping is increasing in demand across the world.  

What is vaping?

Vaping is easy and fast. Also, it is considered a gentleman way of using CBD. A pen and cartridge system is the simplest way for a starter. Most of vaping enthusiasts own the cartridges. Usually, the cartridge system is disposable or replaceable. It comes with a starter kit on directions of how to fix the charger and measure liquid level in the cartridge. It only takes days to establish a suitable amount for your vaping depending on period and frequency.  

Some users vape 2 times in a day while others 5 or 6 times. Others vape daily while others on weekends only. The frequency level determines the effect level. The pleasure that comes with CBD oil vaping is also dependent on the amount of oil in the cartridge and frequency of the process. 

How Much CBD Oil Should I Vape? 

CBD ediblesA starter kit includes a charger and one or two cartridges depending on the vendor. To use the tools is simple; all that is required is charging the base thread and turn it on before taking a drag.  Vaping is not only popular because of its convenience but also accuracy in amount of CBD consumption.  Once you determine the ideal number of puffs per cartridge, the vape pens will serve you effectively. Actually, it is possible to account for the exact amount of CBD you have consumed over a given time using vape pens. 

CBD products to vape

Vaping is an interesting mode of ingesting the Marijuana compound, CBD.   Oil is the most common form of CBD used in vaping. The oil extract is often mixed with propylene glycol (PG), which helps in thinning hence making wicking of the mixture easier. PG is used in food production hence safe. 

After frequent CBD oil vaping, users identify a suitable form and stick to it. Other CBD products that can be vaped include cannabis e-liquid or CBD e-juice. There are two options; either pre-filled cartridges or the e-liquids. 

Dabbing is an advanced level of vaping used by experts. It involves applying concentrated levels of flash vaporization on a hot surface and inhaling it directly. The effect is instant as compared to preloaded cartridges. The vaporizations also come in a variety of flavors like lemon, guava, and strawberry. 

How to choose your CBD dosage

Taking the right dosage is crucial for effectiveness of a drug and in this case, achieving desired levels of pleasure. Either of the extremes is waste of time and resources or risking health stability. Also, it can be frustrating if you are not realizing your expectations in using CBD. 

To choose the right dosage, first check on your body weight. People with more body mass require more CBD. How much is more body mass and less weight? A general rule is taking 1-6mg of CBD for every 10 pounds. Taking less or more than this will be frustrating or detrimental to your health. 

Consulting a doctor might sound a little bit off but it is crucial. Doctors may not be conversant with marijuana and CBD oil vaping but they can advise on the potential reaction of CBD to your body. Examining mechanisms of your body can help in determining the right dosage. 

Start small while weighing the effect of different levels of CBD on your body and increase gradually if necessary. 

How to measure your CBD vape dosage 


There is no standard measure of CBD oil to vape for everyone. The basic reason being everyone has unique preferences and goals with CBD oil vaping.  The common guideline is starting with low amounts and increasing gradually but how low is low?  

10mg is good enough for a starter. It is a safe amount to determine your body’s reaction; if you realize positive results, maintain the amount for a week or more depending on your body’s reaction to determine whether you need to increase or not. Do not emulate anyone because people have different bodies. If you feel the need to increase, try 20mg and maintain it for a week. If you must increase, go to 30mg per day. Beyond this point is risky; however, some people ingest more than 30 mg of CBD in a day.