sell marijuanaSell Marijuana? In many states of America and Canada, governments are increasingly trying to make marijuana legal to be used as a recreational drug. Marijuana has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for treatment of many nervous ailments and not harmful like chemical drugs for the body. Marijuana is now legal to be purchased and consumed for recreation and medicinal purposes in many states. People can buy anything from CBD oils to weed truffle chocolates. In the state of New Jersey efforts had been made to legalize marijuana but the government only allowed marijuana to be used for medicinal purposes. Anyone above the age of 18 who has a proper prescription of marijuana suggested by their doctor can go to an NJ marijuana dispensary and purchase the drug.

What is the status of medicinal marijuana in New Jersey now?

The state health department has now started initiatives to make better marijuana medicines available to the residents of the state. They are making efforts towards expanding the marijuana program and has issued a call for applications to marijuana companies who would be willing to sell it in the state. There is also an initiative to develop more facilities and provisions to delve into the research of medicinal marijuana. Those who wish to open NJ marijuana dispensaries or set up units in the state should submit applications by the 21st of august for receiving license. Application costs twenty thousand dollars and those who get license can grow and manufacture medicinal marijuana.

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Sell Marijuana

For those who are going to submit their applications to start their marijuana companies in the state, will have to submit themselves to a thorough check up. An investigation will be done into their past to see if they have a criminal past. A permission has to be procured by such individuals from all residents of the area where they wish to set up their farms or manufacturing units.

A report has to be given about the impact this will have on the environment and a plan of security to ensure that no one can get easy access to their premises. The applicants should show proof of having the qualifications to cultivate and if one wishes to set up an NJ marijuana dispensary they need to show quality control and regulation plans. Additionally they should be financially secure. There is no need to show that you have the full money needed to set up the business but the applicants must have some of the base capital.

Efforts are being made towards making banks provide loans to those whose applications will be approved. The health department of New Jersey really wants the people to have access to good quality marijuana medicines. They are putting quality control and security first. While marijuana companies of other states can also apply, the state is really trying to foster its own economy. This would be the ideal chance for those who have expertise in marijuana medicines to apply and be among the first companies to set up shop in New Jersey.