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Rapid Blooming Marijuana Seeds | Amsterdam Genes

February 17, 2023

Have a peek at our toughest and also ideal quick blooming marijuana seeds to aid you conserve time while you reduced on your power expenses for super-efficient next-level interior expanding!

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    Broadband Weed

    Knowledgeable interior marijuana cultivators are constantly in search of brand-new methods to boost their expanding performance. Rapid expanding is one means to attain this. The blooming stage of the marijuana cycle is normally one of the most lengthy component of the total expanding procedure.

    That is why wise garden enthusiasts attempt to maintain blooming times to the bare minimum to make one of the most out of every hr they invest in their initiatives. Besides, accelerating your marijuana cycles indicates even more possible harvests annually if you intend to boost your turn over.

    While time is constantly a valuable source, nowadays power prices are a significant aspect to think about, also. Besides, faster blooming indicates much less time showering in costly light. Conserving cash is constantly good, and also you obtain the included advantage of minimizing your carbon impact while you lower the waiting time for your following harvest to the bare minimum – just how wonderful is that?

    Our Ideal Rapid Blooming Marijuana Seeds

    If you are trying to find high-speed cannabis pressures, you’re sure to discover them below. Don’t neglect, nonetheless, to match rate with your various other choices. Speeding your means with the blooming stage will certainly refrain from doing a lot excellent if you wind up with a stock of bud you don’t like that much. Attempt to integrate quick blossom homes with your preferred genes, flavours, scents, and also analytical or physical impacts.

    Although you have a lot of quick expanding alternatives readily available, we will certainly make a harsh difference in between our fastest indica, sativa, and also ruderalis autoflowering pressures listed below.

    Quick Indica Seeds

    Marijuana indica genes progressed in locations and also weather condition kinds that favoured fast development and also blooming times. That makes indica crossbreeds an evident selection when getting quick blooming marijuana seeds.

    Don’t think that anything also from another location indica will immediately race its means with the cycle, however. If rate is what you require, attempt these high rate seeds for your interior expands:


    As the name recommends, Skyrocket is our prime indica prospect for quick expanding and also blooming outcomes. Appealing scrumptious spicy diesel flavour and also extreme body rock impacts at 20% THC and also simply 7 to 8 weeks of blooming, she provides massive harvest possibility at 750 g/m² inside.


    Magic OG Kush

    Our dog breeders handled to turbocharge the epic OG Kush genes with Environment-friendly Magic X Hindu Kush producing a 19% THC totally feminized indica crossbreed that takes just 8 or 9 weeks to create abundant, resinous blossom buds that might land you 500 g/m².

    Magic OG Kush

    Swift Sativa Stress

    Experienced cultivators normally connect sativa pressures with extensive blooming times. The year-round heat and also moisture of their indigenous environment favoured extensive blooming times, and also also proceeded development after the beginning of the blooming stage.

    Sativa genes do include distinct and also very treasured impacts to the high. This represents today’s contemporary sativa crossbreed cannabis pressures, several of which have exceptional record when it concerns fast blooming.

    Attempt your hand at expanding these sativa-dominated quick blooming marijuana pressures and also you’ll figure out precisely what we indicate!

    Lemon Ice

    There’s absolutely nothing antarctic regarding Lemon Ice, our refreshingly positive feminized sativa standard with creativity-sparking brainbuzz highs. She ends up blooming in simply 8 weeks, rupturing right into a woodland of very fragrant yellow-green buds as your incentive.

    Lemon Ice


    Candyfloss marijuana seeds bring extremely wonderful flavour and also 70% sativa heritage to the mix. If you intend to please your mind and also palate pronto, she will certainly obtain you approximately 600 g/m² of prime top quality sativa blossom in simply 9 weeks.


    White Choco Haze

    Despite whether you’re a real haze fanatic or an aficionado with a proneness for delicious chocolate, our  80% sativa, 100% feminized White Choco Haze seeds will certainly not allow you down. She takes just 9 weeks to complete blooming, generating aromatic harvests that might net you 550 g/m² of top-notch Amsterdam haze joy.

    White Choco Haze

    Our Fastest Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

    Modern autoflower pressures provide a hassle-free and also effective mix of durability, influence, and also unbelievable convenience of expanding. The ruderalis genes we’ve reproduced right into our complete variety of feminized autoflowers improve both vegetative and also blooming rate by default.

    Autoflower pressures have a tendency to race with the development stage in an issue of weeks prior to immediately changing to blossom setting at breakneck rate. Integrating these ruderalis benefits with busy indica homes in an indica automobile crossbreed appears the noticeable selection for quick expanding.

    Choco Kush Autoflower

    White Choco scent, strong kush indica top quality, and also high-velocity ruderalis genetics make Choco Kush Vehicle a great selection for quick blooming marijuana seeds with optimum convenience of expanding. This feminized automobile pressure generates approximately 600 g/m² after just 8 to 9 weeks of busy bud development come before by lightning-quick vegging.

    choco kush autoflower

    AK-020 Autoflower

    AK-020 Autoflowering seeds are the feminized autoflower variation of a durable and also powerful Amsterdam standard with a fragile indica-sativa equilibrium. That creates solid development at a terrific rate and also tons of fat soda pops glimmering with ripe trichomes by the time her 8 or 9 weeks of blooming more than.

    AK 020 Autoflower

    Rapid Blooming Marijuana Seeds, Delivered Rapid

    Certainly, getting quick cannabis seeds need to be a fast shipment concern. Thankfully, if you get your own prior to noontime Amsterdam Time, we’ll deliver them out on the similar day. That’s simply one more means to see to it your quick blooming marijuana seeds aid you conserve money and time while still obtaining the finest top quality seeds from the Dutch marijuana funding!