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Strongest Cannabis 2022 | ForbiddenFlower

June 30, 2022

When we discuss the most effective cannabiswe normally discuss cannabis with a high material of THC. Although this is not totally proper, given that the strength of cannabis is connected to THC, of ​​course, but also to the combination of other cannabinoids and even terpenes. And it is that marijuana plants produce more than 220 compounds; 85 cannabinoids, 120 terpenes and about 20 flavonoids. We are going to carry out an analysis of marijuana whose potency is the highest that you can find in marijuana plants today in the year 2022.

chemical formula of natural THC

The most powerful marijuana should not be measured only by the THC it has, but by the combination of these compounds, which are what also determine the aroma and the effects. Due to the complexity and the number of possible combinations, the effects will vary according to the person, the moment and the balance between all these substances.

For example, a variety of cannabis that is not very strong, if it catches you fasting and has components that affect you a lot at that moment, due to your mood or physical state, it can knock you down. That same one, after eating it may hardly have an effect on you or at least, you may not notice it. Even so, you always have to be careful when smoking marijuana of any kind and much more with those that have a great power or concentration of THC.

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    These are the most powerful marijuana plants

    As we have already seen, THC is the main cannabinoid we should look at when looking for the most powerful marijuana. A low level of CBD will also help increase the effect of marijuana and make it more powerful, since CBD counteracts the effects of THC.

    The level of THC compared to CBD is usually much higher in today’s recreational genetics. Normally in marijuana plants we can find concentrations of THC that exceed 20% while the level of CBD they generate is usually between 0.2 and 1.5%. Although there are also plants that produce the same amount of CBD as THC and even more, but those are not the ones that interest us right now.

    Marijuana with more THC, the strongest and most powerful.

    Let’s go to the mess that surely you are looking forward to it. Let’s see which are the most powerful marijuana plants that you can buy in 2022. Here you have our TOP 5

    Mandarine Cookies from Narcotik Seeds

    This is without a doubt one of the most powerful marijuana I have ever tried. Their THC levels exceed 30%, making this lady a real treasure for those of us who are looking for plants with more THC. If you like potency in its purest form, you have to try this gem of American genetics.

    Mandarine Cookies from Narcotik Seeds, one of the most powerful marijuana

    This is one of the best plants that I have had the pleasure of growing and naturally one of the strongest and most powerful marijuana that I have tried. In addition to the exaggerated amount of THC it produces (+30%) it has a brutal production and a flavor that hooks you from the first puff.

    In fact, you have to be careful with it since it enters so soft and is so rich, that you do not stop smoking it at the same time that you taste its incredible flavor of tangerines and diesel. The bad thing is that when you realize the extreme power of it, it is usually too late to take it easy. At that time it will be better to find a comfortable place to enjoy the effect of it.

    Y Griega from Medical Seeds

    A classic of the most powerful marijuana varieties. This seed has been on the market for several years and with the San Benito hanging from being one of the plants with a very powerful effect. Only suitable for the most expert consumers. Its high potency is due to its high concentration of THC (27%) and a very, very low level of CBD that results in a high-flying hit.

    Y Griega from Meidcal Seeds, a variety acclaimed for the enormous power of its marijuana

    This plant comes from a spectacular cross between two very powerful sativas: Amnesia Haze and Kali Mist. Its peculiarity is an unmistakable Haze aroma and sweet flavors that will distract you while its extreme power takes over your body and mind. In addition, it has a very lucid energizing effect while the narcotic effect makes your eyes narrow and your body relaxes.

    Due to the sativa nature of this THC beast, it is not recommended to consume it before going to sleep. If you do, you will run the risk of spending a few hours awake thinking about it.

    Gorilla Glue #4

    If you are a fan of the most powerful weed, surely you have heard of the young however already mythical Gorilla Glue #4. This accidental crossing of two genetics soon stood out for the brutal production of resin glands, both in quantity and size. This marijuana plant is completely covered in THC, with the biggest and stickiest trichomes you have ever seen.

    Gorilla Glue #4, one of the most powerful and narcotic marijuana strains today

    I love this variety because, unlike the other two that we have just seen, its devastating power is already noticeable in the taste. This plant does not mask its tremendous power between sweet flavors. It has a thick smoke and a strong spicy flavor that should not be taken lightly. From the first puff you can already notice that it is something extremely powerful. It is one of those marijuana types that with a couple of big puffs can give you a cough of care and make you break a sweat.

    Mimosa x Orange Punch from Barney’s Farm

    This spectacular cross from Barneys Farm, along with Mandarine Cookies from Narcotik, are one of the most powerful marijuana strains to hit the market. In fact, both have come to light in the year 2022. Mimosa x Orange Punch tries to warn you of its incredible power with almost black purple colors that contrast a lot with an infinity of whitish resin glands.

    Mimosa X Orange Punch from Barneys Farm, another THC producing beast

    If you are looking for the highest concentration of THC, this is one of the weeds that you must try. It produces up to 30% of THC, staying at the top of the podium of the marijuana with the most THC that we can find today on the market. Its orange citrus touches and its rapid flowering (55-60 days) will make this variety one of the favorites in your crop.

    Sweet by Delicious Seeds

    We are facing one of the best-selling varieties in recent years in the FlorProhibida Grow Shop stores and likewise one of the most expensive. But everyone who tries it, repeats. The THC level exceeds 26% while the CBD concentration is very low. This gives it a potency and also narcotic effect far superior to the rest.

    Golosa from Delicious Seeds, one of the most powerful marijuana strains

    Also it is one of those varieties that deceive you with its sweet and fruity flavors that you cannot stop savoring. Really very good in flavor and with a totally apt name since it gives you the impression of having a juicy treat on the palate. But be careful, when you realize it has turned you upside down due to its overwhelming power.

    As well as look, it warns you with its dark color that almost reaches pure black, but you hardly notice it once manicured due to the thick layer of resin that covers its buds and leaves. Its genetics are 80% indica, it has a very narcotic effect and body and mental relaxation on another level. If you like sweet and fruity flavors, this is an option to keep in mind for your outdoor or indoor cannabis cultivation.

    How to get the maximum level of THC from marijuana plants?

    Now we will tell you about some tricks that, if applied to marijuana cultivation, will make you achieve better results in terms of THC level and potency of your marijuana plants.

    Use THC enhancers

    There are several THC-enhancing fertilizers on the market, such as Big Quality Resin from Big Nutrients, which achieves a greater than significant increase in the number and also size of the resin glands

    Use ultraviolet lights

    Just like we put on sunscreen, plants create resin to protect themselves from the sun’s ultraviolet light. If you grow indoors, use ultraviolet light sources or lights and bulbs that are capable of generating UV light.

    Cold also generates more THC

    In the last weeks of indoor cultivation, the temperature of the culture can be lowered to achieve larger THC glands. As with UV light, the plant generates more resin to protect its precious fruits, the buds, from the cold.

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