CBD Pets: Over 68% of the American population owns a pet. You might own one dog, cat, bird, or any exotic creature. Most of the pet owners are concerned about their furry loved one’s health. Whether they have fur or feature, your concern is to provide a healthy and science-backed diet along with all the other options that promote their health. One of such options is CBD oil. As our pet also has an endocannabinoid system, so here is the guide for considering the right CBD oil for your four-legged loved one.


This California-based company ensures the provision of good quality CBD oil. The concentration is suitable for a diverse range of pets. The tincture is based on the utilization of full-spectrum CBD. It contains minimal trace amounts of THC.

Honest Paws
This company provides numerous high-quality CBD products for pets. The formula is majorly based on the usage of hemp and MCT oil. They provide multiple CBD tincture for dogs and cats. They also cater to the provision of CBD oil formula for horses. Honest Paws utilize broad-spectrum CBD that is THC free. They have been working with multiple companies such as DB labs and batonacor to test their CBD oils and other products.

Nuleaf Naturals

cbd for petsThis Colorado-based company ensures the provision of high quality and natural CBD oil. The concentration and tincture vary according to the sizes of the pet. This one comes with a higher-end of concentration to cater to a diverse variety of pets’ sizes. It contains a minimum amount of THC traces. The tincture is basically attained through using a full spectrum derived CBD. They are tested by third-party company ProVerde Laboratories. The CBD oil is certified organically.

cbdMD manufactures a wide range of CBD products that are attained from traditional sources. They are attained from the combination of CBD, MCT oil along with the addition of flavoring extracts. The oils intended for dogs come in natural and peanut butter flavor. They also come with various concentrations to suit pets of different breeds. The cat oil comes in a unique catnip flavor. There is absolutely no THC content in their CBD based products as the tincture is made through the usage of broad-spectrum derived CBD. The copies of their third party testing are available on their websites.

CBD oil for pets cbd for pets
Along with mammal, the pets also have an endocannabinoid system. Through the usage of CBD oil, the mood, appetite, and pains can be reduced in pets. Along with that, it regulates the body functionality along with sustaining a balanced state.