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January 19, 2022

Today from FlorProhibida we intend to leave you details concerning the QUANTUM plates, although we understand that there is a great deal of details on this topic, in the complying with short article we prepare an extremely particular recap concerning these plates considering that we understand exactly how vital your plants are as well as the treatment you provide as well as exactly how making use of brand-new innovations can assist you in all your stages.

Listed below we intend to make the most effective suggestions when picking a Quantum board.

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    What is a Quantum board?

    The Quantum plates, are a brand-new design of LED lights that include a lot of little LED diodes as well as are taken care of to a level plate. The diodes remain in a row, which are run in identical arrangements by a high power continuous existing chauffeur, as well as there are numerous sorts of these on the marketplace today.

    Benefits of Quantum LED plates

    Quantum plates have numerous benefits over LED expand lights, listed below we will certainly talk about the primary benefits.

    • Effectiveness: This board eats much less watts, as an example; creates 168 lumens per watt or 2.6 umol per joule.
    • A lot more light: offers the quantity of light that rises from lots of factors throughout a huge board, has a much more straight course to the cover outside of the insurance coverage location than a light that originates from a smaller sized component as well as needs to rise better out , this leads to much less strength in the center of the insurance coverage location as well as even more strength outside, the light spread is a lot more consistent.
    • Range: The diodes release a complete range white light which contains all wavelengths of noticeable light, there are numerous various shade temperature levels, yet all are close to all-natural sunshine.
    • thermal administration: Quantum boards are normally placed on a slice of light weight aluminum, which suffices to passively cool down the diodes. No followers required (excellent to remember that devices do fume)
    • Low cost: These lights set you back much less than LEDs, although there are more affordable lights out there, yet they do not resemble offering you the hello there of a quantum board.

    Leading 5 Quantum Boards for 2022

    Spiderlux Design Q LED plate

    Spiderlux LED board can be used in interior farming, research study greenhouse, interior horticulture as well as greenhouse cultivation. The precise elevation as well as illumination can differ depending upon the demands of your plant.

    You can discover home plate in 2 various variations: 130W as well as 250W

    We give you with the requirements by design

    Spiderlux LED design Q130W LED Spiderdelux design Q250W
    – Substitute HPS/MH 250W
    – Dimmable Functions
    – Development insurance coverage 76.2-76.2 centimeters
    – Real power usage 130±5%
    – Blooming insurance coverage 61-61cm
    – Variety Of LEDs 218 chips
    – Usage: All phases, development as well as blooming
    – Distortion: Complete harmonic <15%
    – Dimensions 30x24x5.5cm
    – Input voltage 100-277 VAC
    – Frequency 50/60Hz
    – Service life ≥ 100,000 hours
    – Replacement HID HPS/MH 600W
    – Dimmable Features
    – Growth coverage 121-121 cm
    – Actual power consumption 250W±5%
    – Flowering coverage 91-91 cm
    – Number of LEDs 436 chips
    – Use: All stages, growth and flowering
    – Total harmonic distortion <15%
    – Dimensions 60x24x5.5cm
    – Input voltage 100-277 VAC
    – Frequency 50/60Hz
    – Service life ≥ 100,000 hours

    For use indoors we recommend that in the growth stage place them at a height of between 30-40cm with a photoperiod of 20/18h and a brightness of 100%. Instead, in the flowering stage You will have to place them at a height of between 20-30cm with a photoperiod of 12h and a brightness of 100%.

    THE JACKSON LED luminaire

    The The Jackson LED luminaire It has a full spectrum with an exclusive formula specially designed for cultivation. It is designed for growth and flowering, and reaches a performance of more than 600W of sodium using 2 units per m². It guarantees the homogeneity of the light in 60 x 30 cm due to its large emission surface.

    Models available in Forbidden Flower:

    COSMO-LED system

    The Cosmos LED System, is an ideal system for self-cultivators, with the latest in high-performance LED technology. It has an excellent full spectrum: white, blue, red and IR (3000K, 4000K and 660nm). The 3000K diodes provide more reddish light and the 4000K diodes provide more blue light. For its part, red and infrared light of 660 nm, is especially useful during flowering, since it accelerates this phase and increases yields.

    The natural-looking light emitted makes it easy to accurately monitor the health of your plants.

    This system features a solid and robust construction. It does not have a fan, so it does not emit noise. The driver is from the DONE firm, with tight waterproofing. Incorporates Samsung chip dedicated to horticulture. The support is made up of a thick and resistant aluminum plate that dissipates heat, preventing it from reaching 65ºC.

    COSMO 100W
    Vegetative cover: up to 100×100 cm
    Flowering coverage: up to 80×80 cm
    Efficiency: 2.4 µmol/J
    Power/consumption: 100W
    Power specifications: AC 100v-277v.
    Dimensions: 300 x 240 x 45mm.
    COSMO 200W
    Vegetative cover: up to 100×150 cm
    Flowering coverage: up to 80×120 cm
    Efficiency: 2.4 µmol/J
    Power/Consumption: 200W
    Power specifications: AC 100v-277v.
    Dimensions: 600 x 240 x 45mm.

    Jackson Nemesis dimmable LED luminaire

    The Jackson Nemesis LED luminaire It is ideal for growth and flowering, this luminaire is full spectrum, with an exclusive formula specially designed for cannabis cultivation. It is designed for growth and flowering and gives more light than a 250W The JACKSON, but with a consumption of only 200W.

    Solux LED AURA System

    The Aura LED system combines premium horticultural dedicated LED chips produced by Samsung to provide your crop with industry-leading flowering and growing LED technology.

    The AURA system, made of 6063 aviation aluminum, has several spectrums that the grower can select according to the needs of the crop, going from a vegetative spectrum, transition and a specific flowering spectrum. Spectrum selection and intensity can be manually selected.

    AURA 649W Features

    • Vegetative cover: up to 200×200 cm
    • Flowering coverage: up to 150×150 cm
    • Luminous flux: 107,982 lumens
    • PPFD: 1775 µmol/ms
    • Efficiency: 2.8µmol/J
    • Power specifications: 640w, AC 100v-277v, 2.92A.
    vegetative characteristics flowering characteristics
    Power: 300w/1.45A
    Flux: 52837lm
    Color temperature: 4227k
    Power: 640w / 2.92A
    Flux: 107,982lm
    Color temperature: 3800k

    Aura 480W Features

    • Vegetative cover: up to 150×150 cm
    • Flowering coverage: up to 120×120 cm
    • Luminous flux: 80,575 lumens
    • PPFD: 1328 µmol/ms
    • Efficiency: 2.8µmol/J
    • Power specifications: 480w, AC 100v-277v, 2.92A.
    vegetative characteristics flowering characteristics
    Power: 240w/1.10A
    Flux: 39,673lm
    Color temperature: 4600k
    Power: 480w / 2.20A
    Flux: 80,575lm
    Color temperature: 3900k

    We hope that our article on Quantum LED plates will clear all your doubts, since they have a lot of information and references of the best Quantum plates.

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