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The most effective means to protect and also keep cannabis

November 9, 2021

We understand that protect and also keep our buds It is extremely vital, because many thanks to excellent storage space they will certainly not shed their result, fragrances and also taste. When picking the storage space location, it is vital that it has reduced moisture and also protect against light from going into, we need to prevent blending buds from various plants.

If we are mosting likely to place our buds in a container, the suitable is to utilize among the 500 grams, load them well, staying clear of that the least quantity of air gets in inside and also staying clear of stress.

Since we are clear on this, at Flor Prohibida we wish to discuss the various strategies for saving and also saving our buds, to make sure that they are well maintained and also you can appreciate them to the maximum.

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    Why is it so vital to treat marijuana

    Healing our marijuana is extremely vital, because treating impacts the taste and also high quality of the smoke that we are mosting likely to get, that is why the treating procedure needs to be slow-moving and also, regarding feasible, at a reduced temperature level.

    A correct treatment will certainly likewise enable us to keep our buds for extended periods without stressing over mold and mildew or the deterioration of cannabinoids and also terpenes.

    Well-cured buds can be saved in a closed container in a trendy, dark location for as much as 2 years without substantial loss of strength.

    Exactly How to Shop and also Maintain Buds Fresh

    Below are a collection of pointers that can aid you maintain your buds fresh.

    • Shop them out of straight sunshine, we can utilize a glass container, in a trendy and also completely dry location.
    • Usage thermo-hygrometers to determine temperature level and also moisture with a conserved optimum and also minimum to be able to consult them whenever you desire.
    • Vacuum cleaner seal containers and also containers to reduce oxygen direct exposure.
    • Different the pressures to keep private taste accounts and also identify them with a day.

    Devices and also devices to treat marijuana

    Next we are mosting likely to information a collection of tools and also devices that will certainly aid you treat marijuana.

    Closed glass containers: An exceptional choice, because glass is an extremely immune product that will certainly maintain your buds fresh and also secure. With this choice, the oxygen will certainly not harm the buds because, being hermetic, they will certainly be extremely well secured.

    Safe B-62. It is an ideal wetness maintainer. If the moisture is more than 62%, Boveda removes that moisture to make sure that the turf is constantly maintained in ideal problem.

    Thermohygrometer: With it we are mosting likely to determine the temperature level, the moisture, and also you can also consult them whenever we desire. It will certainly likewise enable us to tape-record the outdoors temperature level utilizing a probe.

    Airtight Jars: With these containers your buds are well secured, seal, eliminate and also protect the scent in regards to temperature level. They likewise function as transportation watercrafts that will certainly enable you to keep a higher amount.

    We information the selected ones that you can discover in our shop;

    Airtight Container Area VAC: With these containers, you can keep your marijuana, without it degrading or scenting:

    • A reliable and also functional means to protect cannabis.
    • Airtight plastic container that develops a vacuum cleaner inside package.
    • Cannabis does not weaken and also many thanks to the plastic we accomplish excellent thermal insulation.

    Limited Vac Airtight Cylinder: With these containers you will certainly have the ability to keep your buds under vacuum cleaner and also safeguard them from light. It is extremely straightforward to utilize and also it is extremely reliable, it is made up of a container and also a switch with an air shutoff, which is utilized to open up and also shut the container, which will certainly aid to stop the smell.

    • You can transfer it without the danger that also the smallest scent can appear of the watercraft. Suitable for taking a trip.
    • It is constructed from high quality plastics that does not decay or leave deposit.

    Clinical Pop Top container: With these containers you can keep and also transfer your marijuana in an extremely reliable means. Many thanks to its hermetic and also nontransparent closure, your cannabis will certainly not scent or weaken.

    • They handle to shield thermally and also being hermetic we will certainly not have troubles with moisture, being among one of the most reliable means to protect your cannabis.
    • It consists of a glue tag that enables you to place the day, selection and also name.
    • The products utilized to construct these containers originate from recyclable polypropylene plastic and also devoid of BPA’s.

    Silicone containers: These containers are non-stick for a simple handling of the product, because it does not permeate the light and also they do not stay with the container.

    At Flor Prohibida we have several alternatives:

    Exactly how to vacuum pack cannabis buds

    Vacumax vacuum cleaner sealant: The vacuum cleaner sealant and also vacuum cleaner bags are a cutting-edge item developed to boost fridge freezer storage space and also expand the life of food. It is the most affordable choice and also you can likewise utilize it in the house without trouble.

    • Consists of 5 multiple-use printed bags
    • The system consists of a unique hands-on vacuum cleaner packer that eliminates the air continuing to be inside the vacuum cleaner fridge freezer bags.


    • Air consumption nozzle
    • Detachable liquid chamber
    • Power switch
    • Battery area

    QNUBU NITROVAC Sealant: It is the ideal service for vacuum cleaner product packaging and also conservation. With capability for the shot of inert gases that extend and also boost preservation. This choice is a specialist with the ability of vacuuming with smooth preservation bags, which are less expensive and also have a larger selection than printed ones. You can likewise infuse nitrogen to raise its preservation.

    With this strategy we expand the conservation of the organoleptic buildings preventing their oxidation. The chemical deterioration of disposable items is postponed and also microbial life is avoided from multiplying in them, with the result of the lengthening of their valuable life.


    • Securing as much as 50 centimeters (Temperature level / Time Control)
    • Vacuum Cleaner Application (with Meter)
    • Gas Shot (Nitrogen, carbon dioxide etc.)
    • Post-sealed cooled down
    • Pedal activation
    • Qnubu Control Board

    Exactly how to utilize the Qnubu Nitrovac sealant?

    If you currently have your very own sealant, we information listed below the actions to comply with for the adhering to arrangements:

    • Timeout Setups: Press the collection switch to establish the hold-up time in between securing and also securing to make sure that you can prepare and also position your bag in time. Make use of the arrowheads to raise or lower the waiting time.
    • Vacuum Cleaner Arrangement: Turn on the vacuum cleaner switch (traffic signal on), after that push the collection switch up until the vacuum cleaner program is picked. Make use of the arrowheads to raise or lower the vacuum cleaner time
    • Rising Cost Of Living Arrangement. Turn on the rising cost of living switch (traffic signal on). After that push the collection switch up until the rising cost of living program is picked. Make use of the arrowheads to raise or lower the rising cost of living time.
    • Securing Arrangement: Press the collection switch up until the seal program is picked. Make use of the arrowheads to raise or lower the securing time.

    VITAL! Do not establish the securing time greater than 3 sec. since it can melt the Teflon and also the bag.

    • Trendy Setups: Press the collection switch up until the cooling down program is picked. Make use of the arrowheads to raise or lower the cooling time.

    Since you have all the details regarding the very best for storage space and also conserved from your buds, it is simply an issue of placing it right into technique. Enter our on the internet shop to recognize all the information of the items that we point out, in addition to every little thing you require to perform the harvest.