cannabis ediblesUnited States and Canada had lead the way when it came to legalising marijuana. Many states in both the countries made this recreational drug legal and people consume it just like they consume alcohol or cigarettes. It was great news for those who could use CBD as medicine to help them deal with anxiety, insomnia, and joint paint, to name a few. People in New Jersey too had been pushing their senators to pass the bill for legalising marijuana. After much debate and deliberations, the state decided to make only medicinal marijuana legal. Only those whose doctors prescribe the drug can purchase it. Cannabis edibles and the likes are still illegal for consumption. Only NJ marijuana dispensaries and manufacturing units were allowed to be set up that could sell medicinal marijuana. The government is looking into expansion of research on marijuana and calling for applications to businesses that wish to sell medicinal marijuana in New Jersey.

Why did the marijuana laws fail in the state of New Jersey?

Criminal penalties for possession of marijuana has been reduced by the state but the final get go has not been issued to all marijuana products. This has stopped all those brands that sell cannabis edibles, cannabis infused juice to cannabis desserts from establishing shop in the state right now. Rumors have been circulating that the new elected governor has been tempted by these producers to make marijuana legal in exchange for financing in the next elections. It would also mean a lot of revenue pouring into the state. Since the state has failed to pass the law, citizens are demanding a state wide vote in the next year and the governor has shown his support for such a vote.

Surveys show that most citizens would prefer that the drug be legalised beyond just medicinal uses. But law makers seem to be troubled about the long term consequences of such a decision. They wish to follow the footsteps of states which have legalized the drug, but cannot see far into the future of such a law. One of the reasons is the conservative nature of the legislators. They still have not been able to come to terms with the fact that one could walk into a candy store to purchase cannabis edibles. The impact of this law on the youth of the state is a serious concern for all.

The governor keeps pushing for legalizing the drug beyond some NJ marijuana dispensaries first because of the revenue it would generate and second to end police discrimination towards Africa Americans. This minority group has been increasingly targeted for possession of marijuana. If the drug is legalized, the minority groups will not be harassed by police anymore. This is another reason why many white legislators are hesitating to pass the law. White people are rarely arrested for possession while African Americans are filling prisons for drug related charges.

The residents of New Jersey for now do not have access to all forms of marijuana but initiative has been taken to set up Nj marijuana dispensaries state wide so patients have increased access to medicinal drug.